Tournament Doubles Premier League 9 - Player Signups [DRAFT ON FRIDAY MAR 3, 11:00PM GMT+1]

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Did I mistake you for a sign from God?
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Player name: Mizuhime
Tiers played: SV, XY, SM, BW, DUU
Tiers NOT played: SS
Time zone: -5
Significant time missed:

Tiers in order of preference but I’ll do whatever for any team, can build and have knowledge on every tier outside of SS


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Player name: SMB
Tiers played: All, I'll probably need to switch tiers at one point since a 9 week team tournament playing the same tier will feel like a burden eventually
Tiers NOT played: Don't draft me with the idea of managing your team, if i wanted to do that I'd have signed up as a manager
Time zone: +1
Significant time missed: I'll have time to do a slight preparation of my games and play them, don't expect me to do more than that.
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